Official Announcement of 3six9 x Togethër Collaboration: The Collaboration of Integrating WEB3 into Lifestyle

3six9 x Togethër Collaboration

3six9 x Togethër Collaboration

3six9 is partnering with Togethër, a lifestyle community which is built based on blockchain technology to collectively implement and promote the New Generation Blockchain Lifestyle in and beyond the Web 3.0 scene. In other words, it is a community that aims to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFTs to enjoy lifestyle products or services in real life.

With the vision statement of “To become the world’s most powerful Spend-To-Invest Community”, Togethër is working hard on harnessing the power of community and decentralization, and bridging the physical-world with the crypto-world. It is aiming to offer more lifestyle privileges, surprises. and adventures to the customers in real life through its integrated ecosystem and crypto payment mechanism.

The shared philosophy of being willing to connect the physical-world with the crypto-world is the primary reason for making 3six9 appreciate and collaborate with it. As a part of this alliance, 3six9 will assist Togethër in enlarging its “Spend-to-Invest” lifestyle business model by providing NFT and ticketing solutions. Simultaneously, both the 3six9 and Togethër Teams will work hard on publicizing the brand of each other party.

By having a mutually beneficial and solid consensus, the partnership between 3six9 and Togethër will be able to benefit both companies. Through the partnership, both parties can benefit from growing the community and expanding business. Both parties will work closely on integrating more lifestyle elements into the Web 3.0 world as well as bringing more practical technologies, such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse, from the Web 3.0 space to the lifestyle of the real world.

About Togethër

The logo of Togethër

The Logo of Togethër

Togethër is a lifestyle community, built on the blockchain technology. It aims to bridge the crypto-world to the real physical-world through the “Spend-to-Invest” (Spend-to-Earn or Live-to-Earn) mechanism. The Togethër Team is working hard on integrating the real world lifestyle with the adoption of Web 3.0 technologies, mainly the crypto payment.

The Business Model of Togethër

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Togethër's Spend to Invest Model

The Spend-to-Invest Model of Togethër

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About 3six9

3six9 NFT Marketplace
3six9 NFT Marketplace

3six9 NFT Marketplace is an NFT marketplace platform that is built on top of Near Protocol and Aurora Blockchain. The 3six9 Team is focusing on creating the most sustainable space for the development of digital assets and helping creators and businesses to accelerate projects and create impactful values for the community.

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