3six9 Official Announcement: Exciting News! NEAR Integration is now available on 3six9 for seamless NFT transactions!

3six9 NEAR Integration

Integration of NEAR Protocol on 3six9

Good news, good news. NOW the users can use $NEAR to trade on 3six9 NFT Marketplace. The NEAR Protocol has been fully integrated on the 3six9 NFT Marketplace platform since 18 March 2023. Thus, the $NEAR, which is the native token of the NEAR Protocol, is available to be used as an option to make transactions on the platform: http://near.3six9.space.

What is NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol
NEAR Protocol

Image Source: https://near.org/

NEAR Protocol is a Layer 1 Blockchain developed as a “Community-run” cloud computing platform that tackles some of the limitations that other blockchains have faced. The limitations include slow transaction speed, low throughput, and poor interoperability. This offers the appropriate environment for DApps and creates a developer and user-friendly platform.

The fast transaction speed, the lower gas fee, and the environmental friendliness, are the main reasons for making 3six9 build the platform on top of NEAR Protocol and fully integrating it with the platform. In terms of fast transaction speed, it is able to process up to around 100,000 transactions per second (TPS). The average transaction fee on NEAR is around $0.01, which is significantly lower than that of other blockchain networks such as Ethereum. In terms of environmental friendliness, since NEAR Protocol is a Thresholded Protocol Proof of Stake (TPoS) blockchain, it is less computationally intensive than proof of work, reducing the network’s carbon footprint. It is because proof of stake does not require the same level of computational power as proof of work, which reduces the amount of energy required to maintain the network. By supporting tree-planting projects and taking several actions related to carbon offset, NEAR Protocol has been certified carbon neutral by the South Pole foundation, the leading low-carbon project developer and climate solutions provider, in 2021, so it is more environmentally friendly compared to some others.

NEAR Protocol Awarded the Climate Neutral Product Label in 2021
NEAR Protocol Awarded the Climate Neutral Product Label in 2021

Image Source: https://near.org/blog/near-climate-neutral-product/

$NEAR — A More Simple Way to Purchase NFT on 3six9

Since NEAR Protocol has been fully integrated into the 3six9 NFT Marketplace platform, $NEAR can be used as another option besides ETH to make the transactions on the platform. Compared with using the ETH, which needs to be bridged onto the Aurora Blockchain, using $NEAR will be simpler. It is because that the users can use their $NEAR to make transactions on the platform directly via their NEAR wallet. At the same time, the users can enjoy making transactions on 3six9 with a better experience, specifically the lower gas fee and faster transaction speed.

How about the NEXT?

In order to enhance the user experience (UX) on the 3six9 NFT Marketplace, the team is now focusing on making enhancements to the User Interface (UI) and UX. At the same time, the 3six9 Team is working on adding the feature of “Contacting NFT Project Owner” on the NFT marketplace platform. Please stay tuned for all the amazing features in the near future.

About 3six9

3six9 NFT Marketplace
3six9 NFT Marketplace

3six9 NFT Marketplace is an NFT marketplace platform built on Near Protocol and Aurora Blockchain. The 3six9 Team is focusing on creating the most sustainable space for the development of digital assets and helping creators and businesses to accelerate projects and create impactful values for the community.

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